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Due to the pandemic situation, Mouzinho 134 has implemented an internal protocol for the safety of everyone: you and your family, but also the health and safety of our staff and their families, as well as of other guests.


The internal protocol has measures for protection, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization and what to do in case of a suspected case.


1 - All staff works always with the necessary protection equipment.

2- Masks are mandatory in all common areas of the building (if you don’t have one, we’ll be happy to provide at the cost of 1€/mask). Also, in many places of Portugal the use of masks indoors is also mandatory,

3- Hand sanitizers are available on all the buildings entrance. Please use them every time you enter the building

4 - To ensure proper cleaning and disinfection, we are no longer doing same day check in/out. Additionally, no early check ins or late check outs can be considered. This means that all check outs must be completed by 11:00 and that check ins cannot be done before 16:00.

5 - All apartments have soap dispensers; please wash your hands as soon as you enter the apartment.

6 - If there is any problem with the apartment that requires assistance from a member of our staff, we will only enter with your permission, and everyone in the same room has to wear a mask. When entering any apartment that is currently occupied, staff will be wearing a mask and dedicated shoes (hands will be disinfected just before entering the apartment).

7-  Inside the building, please do not linger in common areas longer than necessary. Please maintain social distancing and keep visits to your apartment to an absolute minimum.

 8 - Consider leaving all shoes inside the apartment by the door.




Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization:

Although our cleaning standards in Mouzinho 134 have always been high, some cleaning procedures have been updated to comply with all the measures ordered by DGS (National Health Service), such as:

1- Common spaces of the buildings are cleaned and disinfected twice a day (morning and afternoon).

2- Weekly and check out apartment cleaning includes:

       2.1 - bed linen and towels change (bed linen and towels are always washed at a temperature of 60ºC).

       2.2 - cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces. The best disinfection product available is the common bleach and it will be used in most of the surfaces.



What to do in case of a suspected case:


  •  If you or someone in your party becomes ill, we have a protocol in place to isolate the suspected case and help you as much as we can.

  • We have an isolation office in the first floor. To activate the protocol please contact us through the telephone number: 00351 916605302 (Luís) or through email to:, or directly to SNS24 to the number: 808 24 24 24.

  • Please notice that in case of a positive test we’ll try to arrange an apartment in the same building for your isolation. The use of this apartment will be charged on a daily basis at the price of 150€/night

  • If the other members of your party need to have their stay extended, we will also charge that stay at the current rates.

  • Both these offers are subject to our own availability.

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